Welcome to Elect
Steve Loomis
State Rep.

Campaigning today for a better tomorrow!

Congratulations Tim Schaiberger

After a hard fought campaign, we came up just 93 votes short.  I congratulate my Democratic primary opponent and winner, Tim Schaiberger, on his victory.  Our campaigns share many of the same values, and it's up to us to make sure Tim is victorious in November.  Thank you so much to my supporters!  You have made this effort rewarding for me, even though we won't be on the ballot this November.The Blue Wave is coming!  Keep the faith alive...

We Hear You Michigan!

Serving The Community

As a longtime small business loan officer with local banks, I have helped small businesses grow and succeed, creating jobs for our communities.  I hope to put that experience to work as a Representative to the Michigan House, working tirelessly to revitalize our communities, by attracting new businesses, promoting our natural resources and recreational opportunities, supporting our farms, strengthening our schools, protecting our environment, developing our work force, and rebuilding our infrastructure.  Throughout my banking career, I have listened to small business owners describe what it takes to succeed.  I hear their needs, and those of our communities.  That’s why we chose the slogan, “We Hear You Michigan”.  We hear you Crawford, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Ogemaw and Roscommon Counties!  And I will take your concerns and desires to Lansing to be heard!  Vote for Steve, August 7 in the Democratic Primary.

About Steve

Born in Lansing in 1957, Steve attended the East Lansing Public Schools K-12.  He grew up in the  60's, when America was enmeshed in the Vietnam war.  Our country was divided then, much as it is today.  Steve was 10 the year both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated.  These tragedies instilled in Steve the values that our country was founded on - Equality, Justice and Freedom.  Every Michigander deserves equal treatment and opportunity, equal justice under the law, and the freedom to live their lives free from discrimination.  After earning a Masters in Business Administration from MSU, Steve embarked on a 30 year career as a small business lender for community banks.  Drawn to northern Michigan by its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, what kept him and his family here in West Branch were the friendly people and welcoming community.  

Steve's Platform

Revitalize our Communities by...

- Attracting new local businesses that create jobs.

- Strengthening our schools and developing our work force.

- Rebuilding our infrastructure to make it safe and secure.

- Supporting our farms and agricultural economy.

- Promoting our natural resources and recreational opportunities.

Steve's Platform

Attracting new businesses

Small businesses have formed the backbone of Michigan for century’s. We must make our economic environment more conducive and appealing for small businesses to want to come to our community.  We can do this by:

·  Promoting access to technical training through local community colleges and vocational schools so that employers can find skilled workers, and students can learn the skills they need to find a good-paying job.

·  Revitalizing our communities with strong public schools and secure infrastructure, which attracts job creators who will help grow both our local and state-wide economy.

·  Ensuring access to affordable housing, making our community more attractive to entrepreneurs and allowing employees to live with their families close to where they work.

Strengthening our Schools

Every child deserves access to an education that prepares them for the job and the life they want, regardless of their zip code or family background. To do so, we must reinvest in our public schools, including early childhood, intermediate school districts, and community colleges. To really be prepared for the 21stcentury, students need up-to-date textbooks, small class sizes, and a safe environment in which to learn. We also need affordable access to higher education, and community colleges are a great asset. Let’s encourage more collaboration between high schools and community colleges to offer additional college level and career tech training pathways. Finally, let’s make sure our teachers have the tools they need to set our kids up for success, from adequate supplies to support staff needed to make our schools safe and welcoming.

Rebuilding Our infrastructure

Our infrastructure is not only holding us back economically, it’s also dangerous. We need secure roads and bridges that keep us, and our vehicles, in one piece. And in the Great Lakes state, every family should feel confident knowing that the tap or well water they give their kids is clean and safe. As our world becomes more and more technologically advanced, our community must be able to participate if our families are to succeed. By expanding broadband access throughout our rural communities, we can allow all of our citizens to have access to the internet and the economic, educational, and quality of life opportunities that it presents. 

Protect Our Natural Resources

Our Great Lakes define our borders as a state and define our character as Michiganders. Not only that, but our tourism economy, agricultural industry, and recreational opportunities depend on them. So it is critical that we keep these waters, and our air and land, clean. That means providing funding to prevent the spread of Asian Carp in the Great Lakes, ensuring our municipalities have local control over community natural resources, and holding corporations that pollute our resources accountable. Our natural resources should be protected for people, not those wealthy corporations, so we should stop letting Nestle take our freshwater for next to nothing and move toward shutting down Line 5, the aging pipeline owned by Enbridge, which has already allowed their inadequate pipelines to ravage our pristine environment.

Supporting Our Farms and Agricultural Economy

When Ogemaw County Dems both for me on August 7, please also vote YES for the MSU Extension Millage.  The Extension's impact county wide is far reaching, promoting and supporting Agriculture, Youth, Health and Nutrition, and Greening Michigan (farm to table, etc.).